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February 7, 2024

The Future of the CRE Deal: Prophia Partners With Industry Leaders to Transform Deal Intelligence

Harrison StDeals Report

Many leading firms like Harrison St, RXR, Spear Street, and more have been investing in AI technology to gain unprecedented portfolio intelligence for the last 18 months. However, the window to become an early AI adopter is rapidly closing, and by 2025, firms that haven’t incorporated AI into some aspect of their business practices will officially be behind.

If you’re still getting your feet wet with AI, we have written extensively about discovering the right orientation for your business, the fundamentals of generative AI, and major AI use cases for CRE. One of the latest innovations we made over the past year included releasing the New Deals Report which helps CRE teams aggregate their historic deal data and come away with valuable context about their portfolios.

Prophia’s New Deals Report

The Deals Report offers CRE leaders a comprehensive overview of all leasing activities across their portfolios, eliminating the need for cumbersome data aggregation and providing unparalleled efficiency. In 2024, this will matter more to CRE leaders than ever before as deal executions are handled differently today than in the past.

Opening the door to historical metrics.

With the Deals Report, users can easily access and analyze historical leasing data, enabling data-backed decision-making and saving valuable time. With the Deals Report, dedicated management teams working for leading firms are getting the full picture of portfolio performance, including past deals.

Celebrating deal successes.

By streamlining the process and offering accurate, up-to-date information, the Deals Report empowers CRE teams to communicate effectively about market trends, showcase past successes to attract investors and adapt strategies for success even in challenging situations.

Using the past to inform the future.

As a strategic asset for CRE professionals, the Deals Report ensures that key deal points and tenant transitions are never overlooked, paving the way for future opportunities and success. Prophia remains committed to empowering CRE leaders with innovative tools like the Deals Report, ushering in a brighter, more informed future in the dynamic landscape of CRE.

“Prophia's intelligence tools enable us to more efficiently manage assets and create a more seamless experience for our tenants. We look forward to incorporating additional Portfolio Intelligence tools in the years ahead.”


Why This Matters for CRE Leaders Today

Prophia's Deals Report eliminates the tedious process of data aggregation, offering executives effortless access to accurate and up-to-date deal information. With features like historical leasing activity review, teams can make data-backed decisions for the future, saving time and ensuring no crucial details slip through the cracks.

“Harrison Street has always recognized the importance of adopting cutting-edge technology in the real estate industry. Prophia's platform and solution will further enhance our data management capabilities and systems, and we’re pleased to continue to advance our processes through their AI-powered platform.”


But the impact of the Deals Report extends far beyond convenience. It empowers CRE teams to communicate effectively about market trends and previous successes, which is crucial for attracting future investors. With the ability to uncover areas where deals may not be proceeding as planned, teams can pivot strategies effectively, ensuring success even in challenging situations.

There is no better time than the present to incorporate AI into your most crucial business tasks and celebrate every win your team encounters on the path to portfolio growth. With Prophia’s Deals Report, management teams gain a critical perspective of deal terms so they can repeat past successes and back every future decision with accurate and accessible data.

Hannah Overhiser

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