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Stacking Plan
CRE Data Software

Mitigate risk with trusted portfolio analytics

Trusted portfolio data accelerates enterprise business intelligence, mitigates risk and creates a competitive edge for your CRE organization

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Elevate your decision making within individual assets and across portfolios with asset management technology

For most teams involved in commercial real estate investment, countless hours and resources are spent every day searching for, reviewing, validating and resolving inconsistencies of real estate data. Prophia was designed to eliminate error-prone manual processes and provide your team with an end-to-end solution that gives you instant access to all of your portfolio data in real time, fed directly from the source. With Prophia in your arsenal, every decision in the property lifecycle is improved, from acquisition due diligence to disposition.

Trust your data and make decisions with confidence

With every data point linked back to the source, the question of data validity is eliminated and the need for manual compilation, searching, cross-checking and confirming becomes obsolete.

Reveal business opportunities with verified property insights

A clear understanding of your leases and tenant obligations allows you to position your asset for future growth.

Coordinate with your teams on a single data platform

Empower your entire organization with access to critical information at the tenant, asset and portfolio level.

Instantly present real-time reports to investors and stakeholders

The days of waiting for static reports to be updated are in the past. Instantly share real-time data with comprehensive, easy-downloadable reports.

"At its foundation, Prophia brings value with efficiency and risk management within your portfolio. The secondary layer is what you do with that data to define and differentiate yourself as an organization."

Managing Director, Spear Street Capital


A single reference point for trusted property insights

  • Data Linked to the Source

    Verify lease data with a simple click. Utilize hundreds of real-time data points linked directly to the source documents for quick and easy verification of lease terms.
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  • Interactive Stacking Plans

    Navigate through interactive stacking plans that allow you to click directly into each lease and access pertinent agreement information.
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  • Rights and Encumbrances Tracking

    Immediately examine the restrictions currently in place on your asset to understand the impact on its value.
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  • Automated Rent Roll

    Verify rent roll data populated by the source documents for accurate revenue analysis and cash flow forecasting.
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  • Customizable Reporting

    Access, customize and export reports. Our powerful, asset-level reporting is designed to supplement your investment strategy including rent roll, encumbrances, critical dates and more.
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iMac Encumbrance schedule (1)
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