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Automated Lease Abstraction & AI-Powered Contract Intelligence

Your lease data, powered by AI. Take the more modern approach to instantaneous and accurate lease abstraction with Prophia—the leading AI solution for CRE.

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Rev Up Efficiency with Prophia’s AI-Powered Lease Abstraction Software

If every commercial contract is a money-generating engine, then properly managed lease data is the fuel. Maximize your CRE team's fuel efficiency with Prophia's state-of-the-art automated lease abstraction software and contract intelligence solution.

Improved Data Access for the Entire Team

Prophia’s advanced AI instantly captures, annotates, and organizes lease data into a detailed, digital abstract. This portfolio-wide standardization removes all of the guesswork and gut checks it normally takes to verify tenant and property data, allowing your team to operate with newfound efficiency. 

Verify Lease Terms Instantly

Your lease data is more powerful when it’s manageable. That’s why we designed Prophia’s lease summaries to link from your AI-synthesized abstract back to the source with hyperlinks. This makes it possible for every member of your team to promptly authenticate vital data points and catch any discrepancies.

Minimize Your Exposure to Risk

With better data organization and traceability, mission-critical teams get the full story the first time, leaving data inaccuracy questions out of business-generating discussions.

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Prophia impacts the day-to-day, so you can successfully grow year-over-year.

It starts with lease abstraction. It leads to portfolio-wide data accuracy. You simply upload a document like a rent roll or an original lease and Prophia fills in the rest.

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10% of Lease Abstracts Have a Material Error

Inaccuracies in your lease data can affect more than just your tenants—they can impact your business intelligence and portfolio performance. With Prophia, you can correct these inaccuracies, systemically improve business practices, and recoup savings.

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RXR + Prophia

Abstracting NYC’s Most Challenging Lease Contracts With AI

RXR, one of NY’s leading investment management firms, has a portfolio that spans over 73 diverse assets. After a successful pilot, and witnessing Prophia’s ability to stand up to their toughest leases, onboarding the rest of their Retail and Office Portfolio was a no-brainer for the RXR team.

See How Prophia Tackled 300 Leases

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What Prophia Offers CRE Teams

Prophia’s lease abstraction software outperforms anything in the market today and offers CRE teams some advanced features that make daily and quarterly business operations run with ease.

  • AI-Generated Hyperlinks

    Prophia links important concepts in your abstract directly to the original language in your tenant’s lease, amendment, etc. These hyperlinks make it seamless to transition from summary to original lease without pulling up another screen, opening a new tab, or relying on a printout during important conversations.
    AI Hyperlinks
  • In-Document Search

    Not all PDFs treat leases equally. Some allow users to search for specific language. Others do not, and that can impede workflow and clarity. When Prophia’s abstraction software crawls a PDF of a lease, it adds an AI-annotated layer that allows users to search for tenant terms. This takes you directly to the clause, lease section, sentence, or exact figure that matters most to your team to complete the task, conduct a meeting, and level up your productivity.
    In Document Search
  • Rights & Encumbrances Tracking

    With Prophia, tracking tenant rights is seamless because our AI instantly discovers and flags them across your portfolio. With this knowledge, you can mitigate risk and fulfill obligations from a single platform.
    Rights & encumbrances tracking
  • Document Interconnectivity

    When documents are uploaded to Prophia, they don't stay static or isolated. Instead, they interact with each other through logic-based document interconnectivity. This enables amendments, renewals, and other agreements to automatically update your data in real-time, providing your team with a dynamic snapshot of information and a historical record of changes.
    Document interconnectivity
AI Hyperlinks
In Document Search
Rights & encumbrances tracking
Document interconnectivity

Ready to revolutionize lease management with Prophia's AI-powered abstraction?