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Automated Lease Abstraction

Prophia Delivers Trusted CRE Data

Access validated portfolio data in real-time to inform your business strategy and maximize your investment potential.

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The only lease abstraction software of its kind

Industry leaders step away from error-prone, manual processes and use our proprietary technology to abstract critical lease information and access their data in an intuitive, online platform.

Save valuable time and create efficiencies

Improve internal processes, increase the productivity of your teams and gain access to decision-ready data that doesn’t require validation, cross-checking and unnecessary back and forth.

Instantly access accurate data anytime, anywhere

Easily navigate Prophia’s intuitive software to review structured source documents, dynamic lease summaries, interactive stacking plans, critical asset reports and more. 

Coordinate with all your stakeholders from one platform

Take advantage of our unlimited licensing model to collaborate and share with all your internal and external stakeholders.

Supply all systems with trusted data

Feed all of your systems, including Yardi and MRI, with a constant stream of validated CRE data through direct integrations.

iMac Doc Extraction

Intelligent Lease Abstraction Software

With a simple drag and drop, our proprietary technology brings your data to life, instantly extracting and interpreting complex property information from multiple documents, building dynamic lease summaries and linking each datapoint directly back to the source. Once the technology has done the heavy lifting, your data enters a rigorous human review process to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Lease Abstraction
Stack of Reports

Online Analytics Platform for CRE

Once your critical property information has been extracted from your documents, it is seamlessly integrated into Prophia’s dynamic analytics platform giving you unparalleled insight into your tenant, asset and portfolio information. This centralized, online access of data enables real estate teams to collaborate more efficiently and make strategic decisions with confidence and speed.

Data Driven Insights

By real estate professionals, for real estate professionals

Built exclusively for the real estate industry, Prophia has been designed with your owners, asset managers and property managers top of mind.

  • Data Linked to the Source

    Receive hundreds of real-time data points linked directly to the source documents, allowing your teams to quickly locate and review critical lease information.
    MacBook Term History-1
  • Smart Search

    Prophia instantly turns your PDFs into searchable text, allowing you to quickly find the lease language you are looking for, as well as enabling copy and paste functionality.
    MacBook Smart Search-1
  • Interactive Stacking Plans

    Navigate through interactive stacking plans that allow you to click directly into each lease and access pertinent agreement information, including space encumbrances.
    MacBook Stacking Plan-1
  • Dynamic Lease Summaries

    Gain access to cloud-based lease summaries and quickly understand pertinent tenant information including key terms, rent schedules, additional rent and rights and options.
    MacBook Lease Profile-1
  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Instantly access multi-dimensional reports at the building or portfolio level, including encumbrance schedules, critical date reports and more.
    MacBook Portfolio Reports-1
  • Data Integration

    Optimize your internal processes and seamlessly export your data into Excel or CSV, integrate with our open APIs, or integrate directly with industry leading solutions such as Yardi and MRI.
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MacBook Term History-1
MacBook Smart Search-1
MacBook Stacking Plan-1
MacBook Lease Profile-1
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Validated CRE Data, At Your Fingertips

Learn how Prophia can help you locate CRE data faster and propel your real estate data strategy today.

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