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Speed and Accuracy

Lease Abstraction Software to Accelerate and Enhance Due Diligence

Access verified lease data faster than ever before to inform your acquisition strategy.

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When Underwriting a Commercial Asset, You Need Accurate Data, Fast.

Prophia equips your investment teams with flawless property data in a matter of days, so you can spend less time on data collection and reconciliation and more time positioning a lucrative investment strategy.

Automated Lease Abstraction Access Critical Property Data and Lease Summaries

When it comes to lease abstraction, “divide and conquer” strategies are no longer viable. Industry leading investment teams depend on Prophia to remove the unnecessary manual process of lease abstraction so they can spend more time on the work that matters — analyzing the opportunity.

Reduce Unforeseen Investment Risk Identify Information Gaps and Inconsistencies With Automated Rent Roll Reconciliation

When considering an investment opportunity, your first stop in understanding the building’s income is the rent roll. Our proprietary technology immediately identifies conflicting or missing information, so you can feel confident about your data integrity.

Data Driven Teams Collaborate and Share Information with Your Stakeholders

Prophia eliminates the need for shared files, excel spreadsheets and unnecessary back-and-forth between multiple teams performing their analyses. Streamline your workflows and coordinate your analysis in a platform that brings internal teams, consultants, JV partners and lenders together.

Seamless Integrations Prepare for Post-Acquisition Operations

Get a headstart on managing your asset, understanding your tenant obligations and prepare for future billings with comprehensive, synthesized data pulled directly from lease contracts.  

Fast Evaluation for an Accurate Acquisition

When Jeff Vorhies, Director of Investments at URG, was asked about the time and efficiency savings provided by Prophia during the due diligence process at the Lloyd center, he described the value to his team as “immeasurable.” Learn more about how Prophia helped Seattle-based, Urban Renaissance Group, evaluate 600 documents in 10 days for a 1.4M SF acquisition.

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Eliminate the Possibility of Post-Transaction Surprises

  • Data Linked to the Source

    Verify lease data with a simple ‘click’. Link hundreds of real-time data points directly to the source documents for quick and easy verification.
  • Smart Search Enabled Documents

    ‘Smart search’ enabled documents. Quickly search for any term or concept across all tenant documents and eliminate the need to sort and sift.
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  • Rights and Encumbrances Discovery

    Rights and encumbrances tracking. Immediately identify space restrictions that could impact your future cash flow and get a clear picture of the asset’s value.
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  • Customizable Reporting

    Access, customize and export reports. Get powerful, asset-level reporting designed to inform your investment strategy including rent roll, encumbrances, critical dates and more.
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  • Built for Underwriting

    Export accurate data. Easily export any lease abstract or report and upload the data directly into your underwriting models.
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Instantly Input New Data Into Your Billing System

We understand the importance of a connected CRE ecosystem within your business, which is why the software has been designed to allow a seamless post-acquisition transition into asset management. As an integral player in your tech stack, Prophia has a set of API’s for custom integrations as well as direct integrations with the major accounting, forecasting and lease management systems in the industry. 

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