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March 9, 2023

Conversations With Champs: Prophia CEO, Cameron Steele, Shares His Knowledge Ahead of Blueprint Event in Vegas

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Real estate is one of the largest business asset classes in the world, with commercial real estate making up a third of the industry. In spite of its size, data sources are still largely unstructured and inaccurate, leading to gross  inefficiencies around the valuation of the average CRE portfolio.

“For people that are operating assets and allocating capital, they need to understand the underlying value of those assets and they need to understand the relationship associated with the cash flow of those assets. And so, at the end of the day, this is an industry that is going to move based on the value of those assets, so they need to be able to maximize returns, finance a building, and where to give and where to take on an encumbrance. It is very hard, for the industry today, to make those decisions quickly because they just don't have the data available to them that’s easily accessible.”

Cameron Steele, Prohpia Co-Founder & CEO

In his conversation with David Hirschman, Chief Content Officer at Blueprint, Cameron Steele discusses some of the micro and macro data challenges faced by CRE professionals today, as well as his vision to improve the CRE tech stack and bring data efficiency to one of the largest industry classes in the world.

Watch the entire video, here.

Hannah Overhiser

Hannah is Prophia's Content Marketing Manager and a seasoned marketer. Her career began in eCommerce consulting with a focus on code testing. This technical expertise transferred seamlessly to SEO and she started working agency-side as an SEO and Content Strategist. Today, her home is Prophia, and she puts her...

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