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June 25, 2024

Customer Announcement: Rudin Management Company Joins Prophia's Growing Roster

New York, NY, June 25, 2024 – Prophia, a trailblazer in AI-driven solutions for CRE data management, is proud to welcome Rudin, an iconic presence in New York City's real estate landscape for nearly a century, to its expanding roster of clients.

Rudin Announcement

Photo courtesy of Rudin Management Company, 41 Madison Ave, Midtown South

Founded in 1925, Rudin has been instrumental in shaping the city's skyline with its portfolio of 32 premier properties, reflecting a legacy of excellence and staying power. Under the leadership of Samantha and Michael Rudin, the company continues to raise the bar for owners in the world’s most prestigious real estate market.

The decision to partner with Prophia demonstrates their readiness to face change and market challenges head-on with innovation and agility in real estate management. By leveraging Prophia's AI-powered platform, Rudin aims to enhance operational efficiency, maximize asset performance, and deliver unparalleled value to its tenants and stakeholders.

Prophia's proprietary tech equips Rudin with the tools to leverage data-driven insights, streamline decision-making processes, and maintain a competitive edge in the market with unparalleled speed and precision. “As we embark on this journey together with Prophia, we are excited to embrace the possibilities of AI technology and set new standards for CRE data management, with the hopes of uncovering further cost savings along the way” added Michael Rudin, Co-Chief Executive Officer.

"We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Rudin," said Cameron Steele, CEO of Prophia. "By entrusting us to be the safekeepers of their portfolio data, Rudin has positioned themselves as early adopters of a technology that is here to stay."

The partnership between Prophia and Rudin marks a pioneering alliance aimed at redefining the standards of excellence in real estate management, driving constant improvement in investment strategy, and setting new heights for success in New York City's dynamic commercial landscape.

About Prophia:

Prophia is an AI-powered contract intelligence and portfolio insights solution custom-built for commercial real estate. Harnessing the extensive wealth of the world's largest repository of private real estate contracts, Prophia caters to the distinct requirements of office, retail, and industrial owners, investors, and operators with unrivaled precision. By delivering real-time, accurate data, Prophia is revolutionizing the way CRE assets are managed, unlocking new levels of efficiency, transparency, and profitability.

About Rudin:

Rudin is a full-service real estate organization, and one of New York City’s largest private owners, operators and developers of best-in-class real estate. Among its real estate holdings are 15 commercial office buildings containing approximately 10.1 million square feet of space and 17 apartment buildings comprising over four million square feet of residences. For more information about Rudin, please visit

Kala Halbert

Marketing Director, Prophia

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