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Prophia Essentials

From manual monotony to streamlined strategy - Automation allows your teams to be the right kind of productive

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CRE Intelligence Solution

Essentials is your fundamental tool for harnessing the power of AI and achieving operational excellence. Leave behind error-prone manual processes and seamlessly manage critical lease data in an intuitive online platform.


Intelligent Portfolio Assistant

Gain the power to ask questions at the tenant and document level and receive immediate, actionable answers with Prophia’s intelligent co-pilot.

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Prophia Essentials

AI-Powered Lease Abstraction

Prophia's AI technology extracts critical lease data, eliminating manual entry and ensuring data accuracy, saving time and reducing errors.

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PROPHIA ESSENTIALS Intelligent Lease Assistance

Prophia's conversational assistant allows you to inquire about tenants and leases while providing a clear source for every answer.

PROPHIA ESSENTIALS In-Depth Asset Analytics

Access continuous visibility into your property's performance and unlock opportunities with insightful analytics.

PROPHIA ESSENTIALS Interactive Lease Summaries

Easily navigate and understand lease details with interactive summaries and search functionality, to inform tenant and asset management. 

Prophia Essentials

Dynamic Stacking Plans

Visualize and manage space allocation efficiently, maximizing space utilization and facilitating smarter leasing decisions.

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Prophia Essentials

Automated Reporting

Streamline reporting processes with automation, gaining real-time insights and enhancing decision-making speed.

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Essentials for

Leasing Professionals

Prophia helps leasing pros close deals faster and boost occupancy rates by streamlining lease management and providing instant access to crucial data.

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Due Diligence

Prophia streamlines acquisition due diligence by centralizing critical lease data, accelerating decision-making with instant access to verified information.

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Lease Administration

Lease administrators rely on Prophia's automation capabilities to efficiently manage lease data, reducing manual errors, ensuring compliance, and enabling them to focus on strategic lease optimization.

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Property Management

With Prophia, property managers improve efficiency, build better tenant relationships, and increase asset profitability through centralized data and automated reporting.

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AI-Backed CRE Platform

Optimize your team’s fundamental data practices today so you can move into more advanced negotiation practices, deft risk mitigation, and an unencumbered path to future deals, investment opportunities, and even foresight into the country’s major markets.

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