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Automated Lease Abstraction

Automated abstraction for lease administrators

With Prophia’s lease administration software, you can transform your lease abstraction process and achieve unparalleled data accuracy.

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Leverage technology to prepare, analyze and distribute critical lease data

Leading lease administration teams choose Prophia to combine the power of technology with expert human resources and take control of their lease data. Simply put, our AI technology will extract data from your lease agreements and other property documents and deliver the information in an intuitive online platform.

Accelerate lease abstraction with innovative technology

Prophia replaces the cumbersome, manual lease abstraction processes of old with technology built to save time and produce consistent, accurate data. 

Access bullet-proof property data and lease summaries instantly

Access key lease terms, view tenant rights and options and stay on top of critical dates with customized lease summaries hyperlinked directly back to the source.

Utilize ‘Smart Search’ to quickly find information

Prophia instantly turns your PDFs into searchable text, allowing you to quickly find the lease language you are looking for, as well as enabling ‘copy & paste’ functionality.

"Prophia’s quick, reliable, organized solution is critical to understanding the building’s lease obligations; paramount to the success of the operation and effective management."

Lauren CrenshawSr. Property Manager, Patrinely Group


Navigate Your Leases With Ease

  • Smart Search Enabled

    Quickly search for any term or concept across all tenant documents and eliminate the need to sort and sift.
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  • Dynamic Lease Summaries

    Gain access to cloud-based lease summaries and quickly understand pertinent tenant information including key terms, rent details and rights & options.
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  • Interactive Stacking Plans

    Navigate through interactive stacking plans that allow you to click directly into each lease and access pertinent agreement information.
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  • Rights and Encumbrances Tracking

    Immediately examine the restrictions currently in place on your asset to understand the impact on its value.
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  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Instantly access multi-dimensional reports at the building or portfolio level, including encumbrance schedules, critical date reports and more.
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Automate Lease Abstraction Today

Learn how Prophia can help you abstract leases more effectively and enhance lease administration today.

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