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December 2, 2019

CIO Applications Magazine Names Prophia Top PropTech Solution Provider 2019

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Prophia has been named one of the top PropTech solutions providers for 2019 by CIO Applications, an independent technology magazine that specializes in enterprise solutions. The list includes 25 companies that are at the forefront of providing PropTech solutions that are impacting the marketplace.

According to its website, "In the wake of …emerging technologies that are shaping up the PropTech space, CIO Applications has compiled a list of Top 25 PropTech Solution Providers 2019 that feature top companies that are continuously proving the mettle in the PropTech solution space with cutting-edge and unique capabilities. "

“Many of the challenges we hear clients face center around maximizing the value of their assets thru analysis and insights based on trusted data sources without losing efficiency and productivity,” says Prophia CEO Cameron Steele. “Prophia is at the epicenter of the CRE ecosystem – the only data management platform that links source data with the final report any time and everywhere.”

Read the full Prophia story at CIO Applications Magazine HERE

Cameron Steele

Cameron Steele is the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of Prophia with a 30-year career spanning global, competitive markets in Europe and the United States. After completing his undergrad at Stanford, he joined tech-stalwart Oracle, followed by a dozen years in investment/private equity industries, where he established...

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