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November 15, 2019

The Future of CRE Work is Mobile, Connected & Flexible

Lisa Picard, President and CEO of EQ Office

Lisa Picard, President and CEO of EQ Office

We attended this year's MIPIM Proptech conference and were bolstered to see trends and market evolution in line with our own experience. The keynote hit the mark - we’ve summarized our takeaways below.

At the keynote, Lisa Picard, President and CEO of EQ Office touched upon the impact of new talent on CRE investment strategy.  Generation Z is mobile, really into connections, and ready to influence the future of work. Other industry tensions include:

    • Elevated expectations : instant gratification + everything all the time

    • Mobility Driven: Work is mobile, flexibility is king

    • Connected work environment

    • Culture is the software of a company, while space is the hardware of that culture

    • Supply tensions: capital costs are rising, customer retention is lower

    • Tech drives change: Cloud based tech, data monetization, intelligent interfaces all lead in trends

In 3 years, the future of work looks a bit like this:

    • 50% of orgs believe reduction in workforce

    • 38% will expand roles of existing workforce

    • 25% will need to hire for new roles : VP of real estate tech; Director of Product as examples

    • 50% > of employees need to upgrade their skill sets

    • Decentralized workforce and a rise in remote work

    • Drive for Agile work styles

Priorities for success with space: 

    • Concentration 

    • Collaboration

    • Convenience 

    • Community

Cameron Steele

Cameron Steele is the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of Prophia with a 30-year career spanning global, competitive markets in Europe and the United States. After completing his undergrad at Stanford, he joined tech-stalwart Oracle, followed by a dozen years in investment/private equity industries, where he established...

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