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January 20, 2020

Schuster Group Holistically Improves Portfolio Management With Prophia

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Established in 1989, The Schuster Group is an award-winning, nationally recognized CRE firm with a reputation for elevating properties to enhance the overall community and contribute to the social fabric of the environment.

Holly Gardner’s first job after college was with Schuster. Today, as President, she imbues the company’s culture with her signature attention to detail, customer focus, and business acumen.

Leaseable Results Summary: Improved System for Portfolio Management

  • Increased leasing efficiency with everything in one place and less time spent digesting different spreadsheets.

  • Faster reporting that eliminates manual data entry and scrubbing in order to compile necessary information.

  • Minimal training required for team members to quickly come up to speed on new portfolio details, in some instances cutting orientation time by nearly half.

Challenge: Need for a Single Source of Truth

Before The Schuster Group began using Leaseable in 2018, the company juggled multiple technologies and systems in order to manage their information, create new leases and provide oversight on properties.  With spreadsheets for every report, lease, and tenant, asset management became cumbersome and overwhelming.

Generic shared file systems and accounting software did not generate the right type of information they needed. As a result, they had to review all lease details, data points, and report specifics multiple times to ensure relevancy and accuracy.   Ultimately, the company knew it needed a more reliable system for efficient and scalable portfolio management.

Solution: Leaseable’s Data Management Platform

The Schuster Group was very cognizant of the time it took to manage their growing portfolio.  Before Leaseable, given the company’s culture of high touch, high detail approach, Holly felt she needed one person for every building. 

It took upwards of  a week to get a new lease into their accounting software, develop  the lease summary, double check for accuracy, and distribute and perform oversight of  the team’s output.  As a result, with oversight and the stress of oversight, Holly felt like she needed two sets of eyes to go through every single detail.

With Leaseable’s Data Management Platform, all lease documents are scanned in, lease summaries are automatically generated, and everything is ready to go. Leaseable eliminates multiple steps.

Leaseable’s non-disruptive approach to integration also fits in with The Schuster Group’s exacting processes and standards. “I felt Leaseable listened and was customer driven. Other systems were clunky. Leaseable met where I was and where The Schuster Group was seamlessly.”

“I felt Leaseable listened and was customer driven. Other systems were clunky. Leaseable met where I was and where The Schuster Group was, seamlessly.”
- Holly Gardner, President, Schuster Group

With the Leaseable Platform, CRE companies like The Schuster Group can obtain data directly from its source, break the dependence of important insights on metadata, and create intelligent, integrated capabilities that minimize human intervention, thereby improving both speed and accuracy of their vital lease information.

By extracting BI-ready data directly from its sources and making it available in easily digestible formats, Leaseable gives building owners and investors a competitive advantage with a unique opportunity to mitigate risk, reveal business opportunities and elevate decision-making across individual assets, markets and entire portfolio


April 2021 Update:

Leaseable is now Prophia.


Prophia Team

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