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July 20, 2020

Prophia Announces Portfolio Reports!

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Access to portfolio-wide data is a pain for commercial real estate professionals. Collecting and manipulating data takes time and effort away from critical business decisions and instead, can be consuming for professionals to ensure that data is accurate and structured in a digestible format. Compound this data collection across assets in a portfolio, and you have a mess on your hands. Other solutions in the industry address the symptom but not the root issue. Failure to elevate data integrity adds another layer of complexity in the issue of data management in commercial real estate. 

With Portfolio Reports, Prophia Cloud provides the first-ever portfolio-wide reporting based on trusted lease data. Prophia customers are able to see all of their portfolio data in easy to read, exportable format. Beyond the aggregation of lease data, customers also customize filters and add and delete columns to create reports that meet specific needs outside of traditional reports. 

In times like these due to uncertainly in the CRE world, many professionals are investigating lease terms in certain markets, reporting to their investors about expected vacancies, and checking for consistency in specific clauses across assets. With the speed and accuracy of Prophia Cloud’s Portfolio Reports, questions like these are answered in seconds instead of hours or days. For example, let’s say you needed to run a report on all of your West Coast tenants with greater than 10,000 SF who also have a renewal coming up in the next few months. Portfolio Reports answer this question with real-time data that is tethered to the source documents, ensuring accuracy and consistency across your portfolio. 

Prophia is excited to see how customers can solve critical business issues with Portfolio Reports now that accurate portfolio-wide data is at their fingertips. Prophia Cloud is a cloud-based technology that helps reduce the risks and complexities in managing tenant leases. We eliminate the need for manual reporting and sharing by dynamically linking data directly to the tenant lease. We also connect this data with existing accounting, budgeting, and deal management systems like Yardi/MRI, Argus,  and VTS.

To find out more about how your organization can access Prophia Cloud and Portfolio Reports, contact sales@prophia.com

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